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Locus of solace

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Madeleine Heffernan

Online Zoom Counsellor

Locus of Solace

I am a professionally qualified psychodynamic and CBT counsellor, with a background in sciences and in nursing. My approach to therapy is based on a belief that well-being relies on an honest, compassionate and accepting understanding of ourselves.

I offer a confidential, non-judgemental online space (via Zoom) for sensitive, compassionate exploration of problems, within a relationship built on trust. I believe that counselling is a cooperative, empathetic endeavour in which the counsellor and client look together at patterns of thoughts, emotions and behaviours and find new ways forward.

I offer therapy which is tailored to the individual’s needs, drawing on a range of theories and techniques, as appropriate to the person and nature of the problems.

These approaches include:

Techniques drawn from CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and CFT (Compassion Focused Therapy) which combine the observation and exploration of unhelpful emotions, thoughts and behaviours with techniques and practices aimed at encouraging more beneficial responses to stresses. Success relies on pro-active participation during sessions and practice outside sessions. These modalities seek to address specific goals in a targeted and more structured way. I do not offer pure CBT, which relies heavily on the client completing several forms per week in and out of sessions, including numerical assessments of progress.

Psychodynamic therapy, which is neither time-limited nor firmly structured, and focuses on the effects of relationships and events over the lifespan in depth, in order to identify the roots of current problems. The therapy is centred around emotions, relationships and a sense of self. This seeks to explore personal problems with a wider and deeper focus, allowing free-flowing self-expression, with time to reflect on the self.

Adult counselling for stress, anxiety, obsessions, compulsions, trauma, healing from emotional abuse, relationship problems, family problems, relationship breakup, bereavement, management of emotional problems, anger, depression, enhancement of sense of self and sense of well-being.

Twitter: @locusofsolace